Construction Accidents

Have you been injured by falling debris or any other type of accident on a construction site in New York?

Each year, thousands of workers at construction and renovation sites in New York are injured on the job. These accidents happen due to improper or dangerous equipment and the negligence of co-workers or supervisors. Workers injured on construction jobs are generally entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, but many are also entitled to sue the property owner and its agents and contractors for full compensation for personal injuries and pain and suffering. The damages recovered from a lawsuit may be very substantial.

When you contact our office for a free consultation, your attorney will personally explain to you whether the circumstances of your case permit you to file a personal injury suit instead of, or in addition to, relying on a worker’s compensation claim as your only remedy. For instance, if your accident involved a fall from a ladder or scaffold, your claim would be afforded a special status by law because workers need and deserve extra protections when working at dangerous heights. Building owners and their agents and contractors must supply and operate safety equipment to prevent workers from injuries caused by falls from elevated workplaces. Their failure to do so results in absolute liability, even if the worker’s own fault contributed to the accident.

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